Fanboy Rage!

As a reaction to Bennett’s Review of The End of Evangelion :

… I really tried to write something that didn‘t make me sound like a stupid fanboy, but … no. Just. No.

So, fuck you! End of Evangelion is awesome and you suck for not liking it!

No, for real: I found it funny, how hard it was for me to watch this review. I literally had to stop it twice, cause the fanboy-rage inside me was so strong I could not continue watching. Funny part is, I really like Final Fantasy, but I also like seeing The Spoony One rip the games a new one. No problems there.

But, if someone touches my beloved Evangelion, I am in full nerd rage mode … Sure, the movie is weird, gross, dark, violent, kind of unfocused and overall one big mindfuck, and nearly everyone in it is either a whiny asshole oder a big asshole, but I love it!

So, lets all watch the end of the world (as we know it):

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