I got the laughs like Kefka!

The game collector in me says: muuaaahahahahahahahahahahah (wich means he laughs hysterically) and jumps in the air while doing so.
And I really jumped of joy when this arrived.
I saw the GameBoyAdvance Version of Final Fantasy 6 on amazon and ebay for over 120 Euro (mint condition), and just the cartridge for like 80-100 Euro.

Now, I got this baby in near mint condition (means it’s not sealed, but everything’s included and nearly as good as new) for 38 Euro!!! BAZINGA!!!

Playing it in the bathtub (on the toilet/during my break at work) is tons of fun!

So Final Fantasy 9 is on halt now too. And FF 13-2 has to wait even longer.

PS: I also own the PSX Version.

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